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  • How Does Our Refund Policy Work?

    To get a refund from our site, your claim has to meet some requirements and we may need supporting evidence in other cases. We have provided a detailed view of our refund policy that lets you know in which cases you will qualify for a refund. You must understand our terms and conditions before you make your claim. Every claim is investigated, and our team determines what percentage of the amount paid you will be refunded if any. 

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    Refund Policy

    Take My Class Course is determined to ensure that you succeed in the course we take for you. However, there are rare instances in which our tutors may not deliver what you want and you may need a refund from us. The instance can be that the tutor did not follow the instructions, the work has more plagiarism than the limit, or you even paid twice for your order. Contact our team via email, phone, or live chat, and we will direct you on how to get a refund.

    What situations will result in a full or 100% refund?

    Several situations call for a full refund of the amount paid. These include;

    • If you mistakenly paid for your order twice, you are eligible for a full refund of the duplicate amount.
    • If you cancel the order in the early stages before we assign you a tutor, you can request a 100% refund of the amount paid.
    • If the work we have submitted does not follow the instructions or has a plagiarism score of more than 10%, you are eligible for a 100% refund of the amount paid.

    What situations will result in a partial refund?

    • If you do not qualify for a full refund, you can always try for a partial one. Here are the situations that will result in a partial refund:
    • If you cancel the order after we have allocated you a tutor, you can only get a partial refund. This is because the tutors usually start working on the order immediately after it is paid for.
    • If the mistakes made by the tutor are very minimal and you would still like to use the work submitted, you qualify for a partial refund for the unsatisfactory work.
    • If the work we deliver does not satisfy your instructions, but there are still some parts you want to use, you can get a reimbursement for the wrong sections.

    In what situations will I not get a refund?

    In some situations, you may make a refund request but be denied. Here’s why:

    • If you claim that the work was plagiarized or did not meet the instructions but do not have proof to support the claim. Proof can be something like plagiarism reports.
    • If the late delivery is caused by you as the client, e.g. if you gave crucial instructions at the last minute.
    • If you have already used the submitted work for another purpose, even though you claim it is unsatisfactory.

    How long is the reimbursement period?

    Once you receive work that you consider unsatisfactory, you have seven days to complain to our team. Direct the complaint to our email or through the live chat box. Once the complaint is made, our team will investigate the percentage refund you qualify for. The investigation normally takes up to 7 business days. If we approve the refund request, the money will be deposited to you soon after that.