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    Paying for your order on our website is easy, and we only use the safest methods. You can pay using PayPal or a credit or debit card. If the avenue you want to use for payment is not on our page, you can email us for help. To pay, you will fill in the form, apply any discount codes you have, and click submit. As long as your payment is in full, we will send you a confirmation email and a receipt.

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    Table Of Contents
    • The Payment Process
    • What to Do Incase of Payment Issues

    The Payment Process

    The process of paying for your order is very easy. It involves the following steps:

    1. Submit your order to get a quote
    2. You can only pay for your order once you get a quote. To get the quote, fill in the order form and click submit. We will evaluate your order and all that is needed to create a fair and reasonable quote for you. The charges will depend on the complexity of the class and the total number of classes you need to take. Negotiate for a lower price if you need to, then proceed to pay.

    3. Fill in the payment form
    4. Our payment page has a form where you will write your order number, name, and email. Here, you will also select the currency you will use to pay. Recheck to ensure you have included the correct order number and the exact figure we quoted. Click submit and choose the payment method you will use.

    5. Payment confirmation
    6. Once you have fully paid for your order, we will send you a confirmation message and email. This will also include a receipt as proof of payment. We will then assign you an expert who can start taking your course as soon as you need him/her to.

    What to Do Incase of Payment Issues

    Contact customer support immediately if you encounter an issue when paying for your order. Some examples of these issues are; paying using the wrong order number, duplicate payments, not receiving the payment confirmation, etc. You may also simply need assistance completing the payment. We always have someone ready to solve any issue you may have.