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  • A Detailed Overview of How Our Service Works

    We have made the process of procuring our service very straightforward. On this page, we describe in detail how you can access our service and how to get the best out of it. We also show you how to place your order, pay for it, and what is required at each stage. By following the given steps, you can successfully make the order and get our tutor to take your class as needed. 

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    How we work

    You will take several steps to submit and pay for your order. These steps are;

    1. Submitting your order details
    2. The first and most important thing you will do is let us know your order's details. Our service provides tutors to take your course; therefore, the most important detail is the class schedule and the subject. You can send these details on the order form or to our email. Make sure to recheck that what you sent is correct, so we do not miss a class. Inform us whether you need extra services like completing assignments and tests.

    3. Receiving a quote
    4. Once you click submit on the order form, you instantly receive a quote from us. The quoted price considers the number of classes you need to take, the difficulty of the subject in question, and any extras you need. All in all, we will quote a very fair rate. You can always ask for a discount or bargain where needed.

    5. Paying for your order
    6. Once we agree, you will pay for your order before we begin working on it. On our payment page is a form where you will include your name and order number. Choose the currency you are paying with and the method you will use. You can use PayPal, credit cards, and debit cards for payment. The payment has to be in full for you to get a receipt and confirmation of the order.

    7. Receive exceptional work from us
    8. After you pay, we will decide on the tutor who will take your course and attend your classes and connect you with them. You can hire us on a one-off basis or a continuous basis. On a one-off basis, we will send you the notes from the class, which marks the end of our agreement. If it’s on a continuous basis, you can also ask us to complete your assignments and tests, and we will do them exceptionally.

    9. Submit Feedback
    10. After the agreement, we welcome any feedback you may have for us. On our reviews page, you can leave a rating of your experience and a general comment on how it all went. These reviews help us improve on the unsatisfactory areas. We value all the feedback we get and post it on our site to show potential clients our best qualities.