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    Do you have any burning questions about our service that you would like answered? This page is for you. Here, you can get answers to all your questions, and you even get to learn more about our service from the additional questions we have shared. Our shared list summarizes our service and what you will get when you hire us to take your class.

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    What Services Do You Offer to Your Clients?

    We are here to help you take your online course. Takemyclasscourse.com provides qualified tutors who can take your online course when you cannot. The tutors will take good notes to help you revise. You can also request them to complete any assignments and homework in that class. They will do them excellently. You can also pay us to do the tests related to the class we are taking for you.

    How Can I Make an Order on Your Site?

    To place your order, head to the homepage, where you will find the order form. On this form, include your name, the class you want us to take for you, the time for these classes, and your email. You can also include the school timetable so that we know what to expect. We will determine the rate payable and direct you on how to pay for your order.

    How Much Do You Usually Charge Your Clients?

    We usually charge very fair rates to our clients. We, however, do not have one single price for all our services. This is because some courses are more complex or involving than others. Once you make your order, we will determine the complexity of the course, the number of classes we need to take, and any other details you need. These will form the base for the charges, but we are open to negotiation.

    What is the Process of Paying for My Order On Your Website?

    When you have the quote and we have agreed on the rate, you will be shown to our payment page, where you will pay for your order. On this page, there is a form where you will indicate your order number, the currency you are paying with, and the exact amount you are paying. You can input any discount you have and ensure the payment is fully made.

    Are the Experts in Your Service Qualified Enough to Take My Course?

    Yes, they are. All the experts employed in our service are highly qualified and have experience in this line of work. They have taken many classes on different subjects, and their track record can be seen on our website. They also have a postgraduate degree from top universities. With their high response times, they are the best choice to assist you with your course.

    Which Methods Can I Use to Contact You?

    You can contact our team using email, phone, or live chat. Whatever method you use, we will respond immediately and provide the assistance you need. Our email is support@takemyclasscourse.com, and you can also use it to forward your order instead of the order form. Our live chat box is usually at the bottom of every page on our website.

    In Which Countries Do You Offer Your Services?

    We offer our services to students worldwide. No matter where you are, we have an expert who can take your course as needed. This is because we only employ the best, and they understand the education systems of the different countries. Whether you are in the USA, Canada, Australia, the UAE, or any other country, contact us today.

    Why Should I Pick Your Service to Take My Course?

    You should pick us to take your course because we will deliver exactly what you need. With the most proficient experts in our service, we can take all your classes and provide detailed notes. We also have very high response times, so communicating with us is easy. In addition, our rates are very low, and we even have discounts to complement them.

    What Should I Do if the Service I Receive From You is Unsatisfactory?

    You should contact us as soon as possible. We aim to please, which means we take your class as instructed and do everything you desire. However, errors may occur. Whether it's because we attended the class later than needed or we did not sign the attendance sheet, you should report any unsatisfactory work to us. If you qualify for a refund, we will give you one.

    Do You Offer Any Discounts to Students?

    Yes, we do. We have very many discounts that all our clients can take advantage of. They range from new customer discounts returning user discounts, and referral discounts. We also occasionally have seasonal offers on our site. This is to make our prices even more pocket-friendly. Check our payment page for more details on these discounts and offers.